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Youtube Form builder Remove an article Internet Explorer

How to add a form in your website with Horizon?

Go to Site management, Plug-ins, Form builder, if you want to create a web form.

First you have to tell what email address will be used to send the required information:
Then type your thank you message:
Then you need to define the fields that you want to use in your form.
 Explanation of the input field:
  • Label
    Label is meant to describe your fields except for the field type radio, checkbox and list. For these types, the label will be used as a value that will be sent with the form.

    If you are using a list, then each item must be separated by a semicolon. 
    Somthing like: United States of America;Canada;Australia;United Kingdom;Japan;China;South Korea;Netherlands

    Extra will be used only for the field-type radio, checkbox and list. 

    The extra label will be added on the left site of the form as a description.

  • Field name
    Field name is the name of the field in your form.
    Field's type will be used to define the type of the field.

  • Field type
    Field type defines your field name. You can choose between:
    textfield, textarea, hiddenfield, password, radio, checkbox, list

  • Required
    If you select required than the field in your form is required for the user of your form on your site. 

  • Validation
    When you select validation type than the field must be either a valid email address, a valid URL, may only contain numbers or must have a valid date format (m-d-Y) or (d-m-Y).