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Youtube Form builder Remove an article Internet Explorer

How to remove an article?

Choose for site management via the interactive dashboard
Now you've to choose for "Site Management" in the control panel.
Click on site management
Here you can choose what article you want to remove.  The options are:
  1. Remove a complete category (removes everything inside the category).
  2. Remove an article (this will also remove every sub article that you published under this article.
  3. Remove a related article (this will only remove a sub article, that's nested under a main article.
We will show you how you can remove a related article, the other options works the same way.
Click on the article, where the other articles are.
After that you'll see a list of all related articles. Click with your mouse on the related article that you want to remove.
That's it. Your article is gone.

Please note: you cannot undo this operation.