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Vulnerabilities in Horizon QCMS

Like many modern software packages, Horizon QCMS is updated regularly to address new security issues that may arise. Improving software security is always an ongoing concern, and to that end you should always keep up to date with the latest version of Horizon QCMS. Older versions of Horizon QCMS are not maintained with security updates.

Reporting Security Issues

If you think you have found a security flaw in Horizon QCMS, you can help by reporting the issue.  

Click here to report a security flaw 

What has Horizon QCMS 5.0 to offer?

  • Horizon QCMS 5.0 supports real-time version check
  • Easy upgrade: you can upgrade from any version of Horizon QCMS to 5.0 via upgrade/upgrade.php after you have downloaded version 5.0 from source forge.
  • Formbuilder offers CAPTCHA protection.
  • PDF generator: Horzion QCMS 5.0. has a PDF generator.
  • URL_REWRITE: Horizon QCMS 5.0. fully supports URL_REWRITE on apache webserver
  • Better protection against SQL injections: Horizion QCMS 5.0 is more secure and better protected against SQL injections. Horizon also loads the navigation menu faster.
  • MySQLi: Horiozon QCMS fully supports the MySQLi extension
  • PHP assistant: Horizon QCMS 5.0 has a built-in PHP assistant, works only with PHP 5.2 or higher.
  • Querybuilder: Horizon QCMS 5.0 has a Querybuilder so that you can create your own customized queries
  • PHP Plugin creator: Horzion QCMS 5.0 has a PHP Plugin creator
  • CPanel editor: with Horizon QCMS 5.0 you can rename all the items for the control panel and the user panel so that you can create your own language pack without adjusting the source code of the control panel: all items are loaded dynamically with MySQL.
  • Formbuilder to CRM: If you use the FormBuilder and a visitor is using your web form, then the information will be sent to you by email, and the information will be stored in the MySQL database so that you can assess it with the CRM module.
  • Formbuilder to MySQL: formbuilder can also create MySQL tables for you and will create a plugin to access the information stored by Formbuilder, which you can use in your webpages if you want
  • Members only pages are now hidden from the navigation menu, if you use the MySQLi extension.
  • CRM tickets: Horizon 5.0 now also offers CRM tickets. You can now send messages directly to your clients.
  • E-commerce: Horizon QCMS 5.0 fully supports Paypal, you can now sell items on your website with Horizon QCMS on each webpage.
  • Twitter: Horizon QCMS 5.0 supports twitter
  • Disk cache: Horizon QCMS 5.0 also offers a disk cache system: if you don't update your website on a regular basis, then you can use the cache system to load your webpages even faster because horizon doesn't have to display a page dynamically.
  • Simple Gallery: now comes together with JQuery Photobox. 
  • Simple Gallery edit: editing your photo album is now easier than ever. 
  • Newsletter: with Horizon QCMS 5.0 you can now send newsletters to your clients if you use Formbuilder to newsletter.
  • Improved database framework: it's now faster and more secure. 
Check the tutorials on the wiki pages (www.hnqcms.com/wiki)

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